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Travel & Shoot — Hungary & Slovakia

Over 10 days in Hungary and Slovakia, we stayed in 3 Airbnbs, drove over 1200km, took many cable cars, drank many European beers and goulash, shot 2 videos and 2 sets of photos. It was quite an adventure!

Thank you for trusting me with this opportunity to document their European unconventional pre-wedding adventure. I really had a great time planning, traveling and shooting with you guys!

Every couple is unique and deserve to tell their story in their own way. They chose exotic Hungary and Slovakia for their culture, castles, scenery and amazing goulash. Very often, the unexpected off-the-beaten-spots, like the Art Nouveau cafe, are the ones that become unforgettable.

Environments play a critical role in the process and the outcome of their story. Thus, I strongly encourage couples to see the space in person as online photos are often misleading. Finding the right matching environment for their story will ensure their experience, and the photos, to stay genuine.

Enjoy these photos from the mountain shoot and the one at the lake!

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