Norwegian Design and Architecture

Apart from Norwegian salmon, Norway also reminds me of Scandinavian design. Being a designer by training, I'm seduced by these innovative designs and architecture along the scenic routes of Norway, often accompanied with free parking, clean toilets and mind-blowing views.

Many of my friends asked, why Norway? Here's why;

  1. Breathtaking natural landscapes

  2. Abundance of affordable Airbnbs and flights

  3. Amazing road and car ferry network for a free-and-easy trip

The car rental, tolls and car ferries can get pricey but the experience, freedom and accessibility to remote attractions and accommodations far outweigh them.

Check out the amazing architecture ranging from hanging cantilevers perched onto steep cliffs to gigantic boulder sculptures with carved out interiors below.

*Bonus pic at the end!*

For this entire trip, we have been searching hard for that perfect backdrop for our large canvas print. As we drove past this spot along the mountain pass, our heads turned and looked at each other. We knew then that this is it! We came back 2 days later to capture this incredibly beautiful scene while we romance in the sunset glow. It has since been printed onto a huge canvas, hanging on the wall of our living room. 😍