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Hill towns of Tuscany

Here we are, in the romanticised Tuscany that promises to charm you with its authentic Italian pastas, endless rolling hills and historic medieval towns.

My wife and I were huge fans of Italian cuisine and we took the opportunity to take up a cooking lesson! Through our Airbnb host, we were linked up with his childhood friend who happens to be a chef in the nearby town. Besides it being really fun, preparing our own dinner also gave us a sense of accomplishment. By the way, the handmade fettuccine was super delicious 😋!

Among the many hill towns, my personal favourite is Volterra. There are more famous ones like San Gimignano and San Quirico d'Orcia, but they are packed with truckloads of tourists. To avoid the crowds, try early morning or evening till late. Be mindful that most shops close early, so either have an early dinner or make sure your fridge is stocked up.

If you would like the recipe for the handmade fettuccine, feel free to shoot me an email! Hope you enjoy the rest of our Tuscan adventures below!

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