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High Tatra of Slovakia

It was early October when this heavy snow storm hit the Slovakian Tatra mountains. Although the two days of snow storm were miserable and kept us indoors, we were totally awed by the magical scene it created.

As the morning sun rises, its rays painted the white snowscape into a pinkish-orange one. In the comfort of my room, I stood by the window and simply admired the nature's marvel.

We stayed 2 nights in Kempinski High Tatras and absolutely wished we stayed longer. We spent half the day swimming in the heated pool, ok maybe more like lazing! It was an incredible experience with all that snow falling right beside you while you lounge in our bathing suit. If you are staying here, try requesting for a room in the higher floors with the lake view, you won’t regret it! You’re welcome!

Beyond the hotel, we also hiked the Tatra mountains and visited the medieval castles in the region. Head down for the rest of the series and thank you for reading!

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