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Autumn in Yarra Valley

While planning for our wedding, we were tempted to shoot our own pre-wedding overseas. It seemed far fetched and even my then fiancée wasn’t confident that we could pull this off. However, we decided to take the plunge and try it out. We booked our flights to Melbourne in April, excited to be immersed in Australia’s colourful autumn.

All the photos are actually taken by the groom, me. All the makeup and hairdo is done up by the bride herself. It was just 2 of us, a camera on a tripod and the beautiful landscape. While we toured, we also recced the potential scenes to shoot and spent 2–3 hours shooting each day for 6 days. We had plenty of time, space, and romance while shooting. It was unforgettable.

Since it was the off season for the ski resorts, the prices were low and we practically had the whole mountain to ourselves. As we find it awkward to pose in front of strangers, we prefer shooting in the outskirts where there aren't many crowds. In addition, the cool weather in the mountains during autumn is perfect for shooting.

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